Over the years Rieky and Dave Young have trained several youth and non-pro riders for Dutch and European championships.

To develop this further, they have set up a 'Short Course Program' for instuctors, trainers, amateurs and youth.

"We believe that a broader development of your knowledge and a better feeling and insight in the way you ride, will make you a better rider / horseman.

We help you to create personal goals to work towards, so that your knowledge and performance level are increased."

Jury course

We believe that through a better knowledge of the rules you will be a better show rider or spectator.

During this day we focus on broadening the knowledge of the rules.

What are the pros and cons? When do you get penalties? What can a score sheet tell you?

We give this course especially for reining but we certainly also look into other disciplines of the western sport.

Everything from the viewpoint of a judge.

Fool 'm school 'm

This is a weekend course for riders who want to show or are already showing. Often, in combination with a jury course.

This course provides insight into the way you are judged as a combination.

You learn to better solve problems that you encounter while showing or how to better ride certain maneuvers.

You also learn how to best prepare yourself for a show.

We will ride some patterns and help you to improve your lesser points.

After this course you will be better able to set your personal goals and to succeed in what you want to achieve.


This course is meant for amateur riders that would like to develop themselves further.

During this course the following aspects will be addressed:

  • Riding
  • Bit knowledge
  • Exterior
  • Care
  • Lunging
  • First Aid
  • Horse management
  • General knowledge

We will look into several western riding disciplines, like showmanship and horsemanship.


We provide a weekend course for youth up to 21 years.

This weekend is meant for young riders, who want to experience a fun, but also instructive weekend.

Of course there will be horse riding, but we also address care and general knowledge.

It's not just about reining, but other western disciplines are discussed as well.


This course is for people who want to give western riding lessons and for instructors who already give lessons but want to develop themselves further.

During these courses, we offer different levels that end with a test/exam.

After reaching the required levels the student will receive a certificate.

We are in the process of getting this diploma officially acknowledged.

Interview Rieky Young

Interview Rieky Young at Alltech FEI WEG 2014

Interested in a course?

If you are interested in one of these courses, please send us an e-mail.

With enough submissions we will start the course and we will send you a message.

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